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Squalane and Retinol Serum

Squalane and Retinol Serum

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This potent serum combines Retinol and Squalane for unparalleled anti-aging and hydration. Retinol boosts collagen and elastin, enhancing skin's firmness, while Squalane balances hydration for a clear, even complexion. Elevate your skincare with this transformative blend.

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What is Squalane?

Squalane is a highly sought-after ingredient in skincare due to its multiple beneficial properties. Derived from plants like olives, sugarcane, and rice bran, it is a stable and saturated hydrocarbon that closely resembles our skin's natural sebum.

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a retinoid, which is the umbrella term for all vitamin A derivatives that are used in skin care to target acne, wrinkles and texture concerns. When retinol is applied topically, the skin’s enzymes convert it to retinoic acid, which is then biologically available to the body.

  • Anti-Aging:

    Boosts collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Skin Renewal:

    Accelerates cell turnover, revealing fresher, younger-looking skin.

  • Pore Refining:

    Helps to unclog pores, reducing their size and appearance.

  • Texture Improvement:

    Evens out skin tone and can reduce rough patches and hyperpigmentation.

  • Acne Reduction:

    Can reduce breakouts by promoting skin renewal and unclogging pores.

  • Hydration:

    Provides intense moisture without making the skin feel greasy.

  • Barrier Support:

    Strengthens the skin's protective barrier, preventing moisture loss.

  • Anti-inflammatory:

    Calms and soothes irritated skin.

  • Antioxidant Properties:

    Helps shield the skin from harmful environmental damage.

  • Non-comedogenic:

    Moisturises without clogging pores.